HongKong Marina Restaurant

Since 1983, we have been constantly improving our vision by prioritizing friendly service in locations with our master and talented cooks as well as our other teammates.

Our Flavors

We offer our service across Setur Marina with the excitement of presenting the delicacies and other tastes of our talented Chinese cuisine to our customers in Kuşadası.


Developing as an alternative to healthy meals, sushi has a cuisine open to the creativity of every culture. It is considered one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods because it consists of low-fat fish and vegetables used in making sushi.

Superior Service Concept

Our biggest goal is to provide the quality, comfortable and friendly service that people deserve in this region where we are located, and at the same time, to change people’s view positively by setting an example for other companies in the Chinese Cuisine & Restaurant sector.


You can reach us from our contact page, call or send a message to get information. You can easily see where we are from the map on the side, you can easily reach us!